Love Birds Eyes Problem

25th September 2020

Eye problem in Love bird is very common. This is very common in summer season


Eye swelling, continues water dropping , low appetite

It can cause loss of vision and even death.

It is a viral and infection diseases and it can spread among other birds very rapidly if we keep them in same cage. In a day it can attack all the birds in a cage. So as soon as you find a bird with eye problem, the first action is to separate it from the cage.


It can come from human, mosquito or even fly or by air. If you are coming from different cage or pet shop it is advisable wash your hand and changes your dress, shoe before entering to your bird cage.

The cage has to be kept clean properly to avoid these diseases. You have to clean the cage at least twice in a week.

We need Saline water(NaCl), cotton , Eye drop[(Gatifloxacin and Dexamethasone Opthalmic) or  batnisol M] for treatment


Wash the eye with saline water, and then use cotton to soak the water. 1 drop eye drop,

Twice in a day(8 AM and 4 PM) for 3 days.

Along with this you can use antibiotic (start from same day and continue for 10 days)

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