Birds disease and symptoms

14th September 2020

Diseases and symptoms of these diseases

The tendency and demand of people to keep exotic birds is very high. Now people are not keeping them only for hobbies; from a commercial point of view, this bird has become much more domesticated than before.

          In our country birds are not keeping in a scientific way till now are we are not yet aware of the proper method of bird keeping. We are not aware of the exact procedure of keeping birds yet. As a result, it is not possible for us to know the cause of the bird's illness. Unknowingly apply various drugs. Sometimes the bird's disease is cured and sometimes the opposite situation occurs.

       I am informing you about the experience of keeping birds for a long time and knowing the symptoms of any disease from others or from bird experts. I can't say these are 100% correct. The cause of the disease can never be detected without testing in the laboratory.


1) Unusual feather pegs:

 A) Natural moulting

 B) Parasitic insects in feathers

 C) Pox


2) Falling off the feathers :

A) Loneliness and depression or external stress,

B) Some kind of insects are in the feathers,


3) Falling feathers and baldness:

A) Natural moulting,

B) Lacking of balanced diet,

C) Old age and insects in feathers,


4) Aggressive attitude and killing other birds:

A) If the number of birds in the cage is too high


5) Rash on the skin or at the base of the feathers :

 A) Pus deposits, boils,

 B) Germ attack on the skin,

 C) Pox


6) Skin rash:

 A) Insects,

 B) Pox


7) Lip or eye skin rash:

  A) Pox

  B) Insects (scaly face)

8) Swelling of the legs:

 A) injury,

 B) Accumulation of pus due to bacterial attack


 9) Bending of toenails :

A) If the oar is inconsistent,

B) Aging


10) Flatulence:

 A) If food gets stuck in the esophagus


11) Making usual noises :

 A) constipation,

 B) Egg stuck


12) Feather swelling and sitting quietly:

 A) Constipation,

 B) Egg stucking,

 C) Something stuck in the esophagus


13) Weight loss:

 A) Lack of balanced diet,

 B) Old age,

 C) Infectious diseases

 D) Worms,

 E) Kidney disease



14) Thin green shit:

 A) Infectious diseases,

 B) stomach problems,

 C) digestive disorders,

 D) worms,

 E) Eating frightened or stale or spoiled food


15) Thin white shit:

 A) Infectious diseases,

 B) Kidney disease,

 C) Lack of balanced diet


16) Obesity:

 A) By eating more oilseeds,

 B) If the size of the cage is too small according to the bird 


17) Difficulty in breathing:

 A) Pox

 B) Worms,

 C) Inflammation of the respiratory tract


18) Sneezing and coughing:

 A) Worms,

 B) Insects in the respiratory tract,

 C) Infection caused by fungus 


19) Wrapping the tail with difficulty in breathing:

 A) Stucking eggs,

 B) Cold,

 C) Infectious diseases,

 D) Fungal infections


20) Swollen and watery eyes :

 A) Pox,

 B) Deficiency of vitamin A,

 C) Infectious eye disorders 


21) Paralysis:

 A) Lacking of balanced diet,

 B) Common infectious disorders,

 C) Ricketts,

 D) Heat stroke 


These symptoms are mentioned for the benefit of all. If birds are infected by any disease, you must seek the help of a veterinarian.  To our knowledge, I have presented these symptoms to you and tried to outline them.

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