Birds dewarming

25th September 2020

Deworming is very impotent for the birds and parrots. Worm is very common in every creature including birds. It enter in it body through many ways. Few common ways are:

Even if we wash the fruits vegetables before serving, still there is a chance that it would have worm larva in it

The plate on which the food is being served

Potty of outside birds , in case they come

From human entering in the aviary or cage.

There are 6 types of worms:

  1. Round Worm
  2. Tape Worm
  3. Thread Worm
  4. Gape Worm
  5. Filarial Worm
  6. Caecal Worm

Common in birds, generally below 3 types of worms has been found:

Round Worm

Tape Worm

Thread Worm

Below symptoms can be observed in case birds needs deworming

 Low apatite

 Loss of body weight

Improper birding

Lower egg count

Unfertile eggs

Available medicine, the main composition is Albendazole




Any deworming medicine is poisons, we have to be very careful and know the proper dose before we go for it. Dose depends on body weight.

 Time of Deworming:

Avoid summer season for this process. They might get in trouble in summer season , like hear attack. Better is before summer and after summer.

Process of Deworming:

Before 2 days of deworming process, it advisable to give liver tonic (Liv 52) 2 drops for each birds for 2 days

Then Deworming(like Zentel), 10 ml with 2 ltr water for 1 day (7 hr). Each bird would intake water as per their consumption.

We can directly give 1 drop to each bird, but it might be difficult to catch them and give the medicine directly. Better to follow the process mentioned above

Then next 2 days continue liv 52. For next 6 days continue multi vitamin like Vimeral.

Next dose after 6 month, same process to be repeated.

How to do the deworming:

Previous day evening, then entire cage has to be cleaned up and no food or water to be left.

On deworming day the water mixed with medicine has been provided at around 8.30 am in the morning after 10 min rest food or seeds to be provided. This would bring them the best effect.

No fruit or vegetable to be provided on that day. Only dry fruits or seeds would be best.

Keep the medicine water for 3.30 PM then replace it with fresh water

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