There are very few people who can continue with their childhood passion or dream. Affection with this wonderful creation of god has started long back when I was in the age of 10.

I have devoted time, send money to continue it. Sometime I had to sacrifice new shirt in the festive season to buy new cage for my love.

My journey of farming was started with local prison and Budgies, as and when I could manage some fund from parent or from CCTV business, I have added different more spices in my farm. Once I brought 2 African Grey Parrot. Those two lovely couple found my farm very homely and gave us 25 chicks. It made me crazier for birds. I started collecting more birds like Sunconure , Severe Macaw etc. I started selling those chicks, and earned more money. I used that money to increase my collection and enhance the farm capacity and atmosphere. This way my farm is very very colorful now.

With the support from my spouse, parents, younger brother, other family member and friends, Now I am able to live with my passion.

Dipankar Dinda